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Play Rulers of Nations Free Online

As very much cleared from the name, Rulers of Nations is a real time strategy game where the rulers from different nations sit together and make strategical decisions. The game has been developed by Eversim and is being marketed through Impulse, the stardock's online game download setup. This Government simulation game was released on October 1, 2010 in the United States and is available for PC platform only. You can play Rulers of Nations free online as the developers have released the free to play mini version of the game. This free to play Rulers of Nations online version can be played either in your browser or you can also play it on the Facebook. 

The game is a second installment in the series after the Commender in Chief. The game is pretty much like its predecessor but also differs in many aspects. Game has improved graphical representation over the previous game. Characters and people are represented in the 3D as compared to 2D in Commander in Chief. There are also some real world characters such as The President of United States of America, Barrack Obama included in the Rulers of Nations.

When you click on the link given below to play Rulers of Nations online, you will be taken to the minigame page. There are no special requirements needed in order to play. You just need to have some good web browser such as Firefox, Opera or IE to play Rulers of Nations free online. If you have a facebook account you can play this game there as well. So just click on the link mentioned below to play Rulers of Nation free online. Choose from any of the five nations (available in the minigame) to play. You will be asked many queries before your actual game begins. There are 16 questions you have to answer before you can play Rulers of Nations online free game. Just answer those questions and have an access to this great free game. And remember there is no Rulers of Nations free download. You can download Rulers of Nations full version only which is not free. So click here now to play Rulers of Nations free online game.

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