Senin, 07 Maret 2011

counter strike

Everyone know about Counter Strike. The name suggest to a game. Not only the name but also this game is famous all over the world. The yengors as well as the elders are love to play Counter Strike. Counter Strike is a cyber game you can played multiple. That’s why many friends go to a cyber cafe and play Counter strike together. You can help each other in this game. In this game many men follows one man who is the head of the mission.
There are so many options are available in this game you can change weapon like pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, rifles, and machine guns. This is the new version of Counter Strike is known as counter strike condition zero.
The previous version or the older version of Counter Strike 1.6 is very popular and available for download. Now the users can also download Counter Strike Condition Zero. Counter Strike Condition Zero is a first person shooter game developed by Valve Software and published by Vivendi universal. Counter Strike Condition Zero is a high graphical 3D game. The users can download this game either single player version or in multiplayer version. According to the previous version of Counter strike this new version counter strike condition zero including lot of visible changes over other games of the series.
Counter strike condition zero is the first game of the series that you can play single users. So now you can play this game in single player mode alone. You don’t need any friends to play Counter Strike Condition Zero. If you like to play Counter Strike Condition Zero with your friends then choose multiplayer mode. In single player you can unlock maps in Counter Strike Condition Zero. Counter strike condition zero also offers high quality graphics and  the Artificial Intelligence is also perfect in the game.
Counter Strike Condition Zero is also having new updated maps and tweaks. As Counter Strike Condition Zero is a modified version of the original Counter Strike so it is having similar maps, textures and graphics but a little bit of improvment is added in this game. Counter Strike Condition Zero having features clans and communities like other online multiplayer games. Several players can play the game under single community and name. Communities can consist of even more than 50 players. In Counter strike condition zero multiplayer version there are many deleted scenes are included.
There are one of the classic game play types available in Counter Strike Condition Zero is known as Bombing maps. In Condition zero there are two game types one is bombing and another is hostage rescue. In Bombing maps require the terrorist team to plant and detonate a time bomb in one of two bombing areas. But in Hostage rescue involves having the terrorists guard computer controlled civilians while the counter terrorists try to rescue them. Single-player Condition Zero is just like the multiplayer version of Counter-Strike that’s been played for years, only your teammates and the enemies are replaced by computer-controlled bots.
You assume the role of the commander of a counterterrorist force, and you choose your teammates from a menu of named bots. You’ll choose your teammates from a menu before each map. In Condition zero there are 18 maps for gameplay.Most of the maps are drawn from Counter-Strike’s classic collection.  You have to win at least three rounds against the terrorists, and you must be ahead of the terrorists by at least two successive wins while also completing a number of special challenges. You can play continuously the match until you have satisfied all the requirements.
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